Welcome To the ChickenMeChanga's Community Store!!

Chicken is just your average Army Veteran, Poultry Expert, Gamer, Cosplayer and Personal Consultant.

We explore VR, and Horror games. However, our main focus is talking poultry, fitness and goal setting. Surrounding yourself with those wanting to achieve success will help lead you in the same direction.

Chicken is also a designer, video editor! Be sure to check out the all the apparel, merch, & his videos on IG and TikTok!

Remember: Your network is your net worth.

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The MC Roost Values


Everyone has there own struggles and demons they face. The Roost is focused around community, friendships, & helping each other through life.


Chicken wants to know your goals. He and the rest of the Roost want to see you reach them. From Fitness goals to business goals. The Roost is the flock of mother cluckers you want at your back!


Community game nights are the best time to fellowship with each other and get to know all the peeps. Bringing us closer together as a team.


Good Day, Bad Day, or Mediocore Day we as a community are here to listen and help you through it. We celebrate each others wins and work together to help each other navigate the loses. Be sure to join the discord so you don't miss out!

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